Frequently Asked Questions

We know that attending a new church can feel intimidating at first. On this page, we try to answer common questions you may have before your first visit to Apostolic Lighthouse. If we missed something, you are always welcome to reach out and ask via the "Connect" button below.


Colley Street offers plenty of street parking within easy walking distance of Apostolic Lighthouse Church.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The building is NOT wheelchair accessible via a ramp into the building. There are three steps up to the front door. There is, however, a chair lift for the staircases inside the building.

Classes for Children

We offer classes for nursery (0-5), children (6-15), and young adults (16-20) during the Sunday School hour from 10 to 11 a.m. on Sundays. Adults meet in the main sanctuary during this time.

Multi-Cultural Church

We are thankful that Apostolic Lighthouse Church is a place where all races and creeds of people are represented as they come to worship God together without division or strife.

Water Baptism

We baptize by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ as is exampled throughout the entire Bible.

Worship Style

Apostolic Lighthouse Church is a place of freedom in worship. We are passionate about Jesus and we let that passion flow out of us to Him through clapping, singing, and active praise.